The Christmas Show!



Everyone-Hello and welcome to this special Christmas radio show!!!

Linzi-I'm Linzi ,
Lucy-I'm Lucy and we are the djs on the show!

Sophie-i'm sophie and
Iqra- i'm Iqra and we will be doing the special Christmas quiz

Francesca-i'm francesca
Anya- i'm Anya and we will be finding out what are the hottest requests for Christmas.

Linzi-That sounds like a really good show!-

Linzi- Hey Lucy Why does Santa have three gardens?

Lucy- I dont know

Linzi-So he can hoe hoe hoe

Linzi What do you call a polar bear wearing earmuffs?

Linzi-I dont know what do you call a polar bear wearing earmuffs?

Lucy- Anything you want he cant hear you!


Linzi - Now for a little Christmas spirit with some of L3 singing a well know Christmas song

Jingle Bells

Lucy & Linzi -
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells jingle all the way

Lucy - that certainly has put me in the Christmas spirit

Bells ring in distance

Lucy - did you hear bells there?

Linzi - no

Lucy - must be my imagination

Linzi - Must be. Let's now find out who really knows Christmas in this weeks special festive quiz.

The Brill Christmas Quiz!

Sophie -
On today's festive quiz we have the past winners from the house quiz and some seniors in the form of teachers who will be joined later in the quiz with out head boy, deputy head boy and deputy head girl.

Iqra - First ler's find out who are contestants are

(each contestant say their name)

Iqra- Do they know their Chrstmas stuff? Let's see.


Q1- Junior- How many sleeps till Christmas?
A- 13

Q2- Senior- What carol contains the word 'Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la'?

A- Deck the Halls

Q3- Junior- Counting Rudolph, how many raindeers are there?
A- Nine

Q4- Senior- Where was Mommy when she was kissing Santa Claus?

A- Under the Mistletoe

Q5- Junior- Who has coal for his eyes?

A- Frosty

Q6- Senior- What carol contains the line"O tidings of comfort and joy"?

A- 'God rest yee merry gentleman'

Q7- Junior- What snack is often left out for Santa?
A- Cookies

Q8- Senior- Who wrote the night before Christmas?

A- Clement C Moore

Q9- Junior- You have to Hum 'Jimgle Bells'

Q10- Senior- You have to hum 'Mommy kissing Santa under the Mistletoe'

Wow - that was a close round with Juniors in the lead with 3 points to 3. Now for the farst and furious round.

Iqra - If you know the answer Juniors shake your bells and seniors shout out ho ho

Sophie- Can the seniors rely on their years of experience to remember Christmas or does your brain need to be fresh like a Junior.

Iqra - here we go with the fast and furious round

Q1- Junior- Name the reindeer whose name that begins with 'B'
A- Blitzen

Q2- Senior- What is the most popular tree topper?
A- An angel

Q3- Junior- Name the 2 reindeers whose name begins with a 'C"
A- Cupid and Comet

Q4- Senior- What does the nutcracker become after killing the mouse king?
A- A handsome prince

Q5- Junior- What did Rudolph never get to join in?
A- Reindeer games

Q6- Senior- What carol demands figgy pudding?
A- 'We wish you a merry Christmas'

Sophie- The winners are of today's quiz are the Juniors

RadioHigh theme tune

- that was a super quiz

Lucy - it sure was. I bet Rachel was glad she watched Barbie and the nutcracker to help her with a question.


Linzi - did you hear bells

Lucy - I did this time but they have stopped

Linzi - It must be the children from the quiz celebrating

FACTS - Iqra and Sophie

Lucy - Now it is time for our class of the week - L5 with the lovely Christmas song Can you hear what I hear. Take it away L5

Can ou hear what I hear.

Linzi - That was lovely Lucy. You and Nicholas sung the solos beautifully

Lucy - thank you very much.

Linzi - I was wondering what would you like for christmas?

Lucy - ..................... and you

Linzi - .................... Let's find out what the children in playground would like from our reporters Francesca and Anya

On - location - Here we are outside in the playground and as you can hear the children are very excited about Christmas. Let's find out what Santa needs to put in his sack this year.

Linzi - Santa is certainly going to be very busy this year


Lucy - there is those bells again

Linzi - they are coming from outside the studio

Lucy - and they are getting nearer

knock knock

Linzi -someones at the door - Francesca can you answer it pleasr

Francesca - hello - who's there

Santa - ho ho ho it's Father Christmas


Interview - Francesca and Anya

Lucy - What a wonderful surprise at the end of the show

Linzi- It sure was, but I am afraid that is all we have time for

Lucy - It is goodbye from me

Linzi - and goodbye from her

Everyone - Goodbye and merry christmas

Mrs Woodman

Santa - I am Father Christmas and you have been listening to RadioHigh

RadioHigh Jingle

We wish you a merry Christmas.....

All of us- We could sing our Christmas song!

Song words By Anya

We dont need this
All-The snow falls gently on the pale white road
Outside in the cold of christmas
We sit by the tree
Lit up looking lovleee
It is the night before christmas


Linzi and lucy- we cant wait!

Iqra and Sophie- we cant wait!

Fran and Anya- we really cant wait

All-For it is the night before christmas


All-Cant wait till morning
It seems days away
Carol singers go by
Rosy cheeked and happy
For it is the night before christmas



Can we use this one? Linzi*(ding dong fump fump)

Ding dong ring the christmas bells
Twinkle twinkle shine the lights on the tree
Fump fump go the hoovs of the raindeer
We hear all these becouse its christmas eve!

Ding dong twinkle twinkle thump thump
its christmas eve its christmas eve
Ding dong twinkle twinkle thump thump
yes it is christmas eve today (or tonight)

jingle jingle go the christmas bells
voom voom goes santas slay
bed time goes mummy and daddy
its time for bed on christmas eve

jingle jingle voom voom bed time
its christmas eve its christmas eve
jingle jingle voom voom bed time
yes its christmas eve tonight (or today)

ting ting chime the chrismas bells
yay yay(echo)(yayyay) go the children now
rip rip goes the wraping paper (or the toys and gifts)
We hear all these becouse its christmas DAY!

all(say tunefully) come on everyone L1 L2 L3 L4 sing along!

ting ting yay yay rip rip
its christmas day its christmas day
ting ting yay yay rip rip
It is finally christmas day!

this is kind of a fun one!(i also thing we could use instuments like for the christmas bells in every verse in the chourus thing we could shke them

These are from anya i hope you like that but all the crue do get to singthem rite becouse i think it would be unfair if we didnt

That's really good Anya but it's a bit long! Could you maybe shorten it? We could use the ding dong fump fump one cuz it sounds really good!_linzi*

Questions for Quiz


Fran these are brill facts! -Linzi

Fact 1 Holly - The sharply pointed leaves were to symbolize the thorns in christ's crown and the red berries drops of his blood.Holly become a nativity tradition.

Fact 2 Boxing Day - December 26,was traditionally know as St.Stephen's Day,but is more commonly know as Boxing Day. This expression came about because money was collected in alms-boxes placed in churches during the festive season. This money was then distributed to the poor and needy after christmas.

Fact 3 Lump of coal- According to tradition,giving a Lump of coal in the stockings of naughty children comes from Italy.

Fact 4 Present - The tradition for gifts started in the 1800's. We started giving gifts because the wise man brought some gifts to Jesus.

Fact 5 Royalty - In 1834,Queen Victorias husband,Prince Albert brought the frist Christmas tree to Windosor Castle for the Royal Family.

Fact 6 The Christmas Tree - TheChristmas Tree originated in Germany in the 16th century. It was common for the Geranic people to decorated fir trees,both inside and out,with roses,apples,and paper.(The first printed reference to it was in Germany in 1531.

Fact 7 The Night Betore Christmas - In 1822,clement C. Moore composed his famous poem A Visit From St.Nick Witch was later published as The Night Before Christmas. Moore is credited with creating the modern image of santa as a jolly fat man in a red suit.


We still need some jokes I can't find any! Someone must have some christmas jokes!

I've got some jokes

Joke 1- Q What do elves learn at school ? A The elfabet
Joke 3- QWhy was Santa's little helper depressed?A He had low elf esteem

Iqra You could get maybe One from the blog and give it to me and Lucy!-Linzi

What about
Joke 5- what happened when Santa's Cat swallowed a ball of wool?
A-She had Mittens!

Joke 7- What do you call a chicken at the north pole?
A- Lost!!

Are these ok? They took me forever to think of so dont delete them!

They are brill jokes Linzi!

here are some more questions-

When was silent night written-(answer) 1818
Who wrote it?-Joseph More

26 of December was tradtionally known as St .Stephes Day true or false?-True
I know its not alot but I hope it helps!

Thats really good Sophie!- Linzi *
I've got some questions too
1- Q What is the reason behind people calling Christmas Xmas? A It has come from the Greek alphabet.X is letter Chi, which is the first letter of Christ's name in the Greek alphabet
2- Q Which people in America tried to make Thanksgiving day the most important annual festival instead of Christmas? A The Puritans

Is that ok?

They are brill should I get some more facts?

Thanks Sophie
They will help, can you start writting the quiz so we know what you are saying!


I have some questions for santa!

So santa are you really the jolly man you appear to be?

How is mrs clause at the moment?

who is the most mischievious elf?

i will think up lots more dont worry!

They are very good Anya!

Thats really good jokes Iqra!
I have questions for santa too!

Do you get tired from going to all the children in the world just in one night?

Santa what is your fav food?

If you were a child what would you like to get from santa?

Tell us one good joke?

When do you get your days off?

Santa could go ho ho ho or say merry christmas at the end!


Guys what about -What do you get Mrs Claus

Have you ever forgotten any presents or have they ever fallen off the sleigh?
Has any of the reindeer Been Ill? -Linzi
Who is going to be santa?

Linzi they are good! I don't know whos going to be santa!
Mabey one of us!


Here are some questions for santa-
in your opinion,what are the top christmas presents this year?
which reindeer is your favourite and why?
what do you enjoy most about being father chritmas?

They are brill sophie!

Here are some more christmas jokes!

What christmas carol is favourite of parents?
Silent Night!

What do you call people who are afraid of santa claus?

What does a cat on the beach have common with christmas?
Sandy claws!

What do you get if santa gets stuck down the chimney?
Crisp Cringle!

They are very HO,HO,HO jokes!
Hope you like them!