RadioHigh's Talent Show

Radiohigh Jingle
Rory: Hello, and welcome to our show of
Nic: talent and entertainment
Liv: Within Radiohigh!
Rory: Yes as we know a very important event is coming up...
Nic: Full of the next bands, dancers and comedians
Liv: Yes, you guessed it, it's The High School of Dundee's 2008 Talent show!
Rory: And what talent we hear about through today
Nic: Well one person who holds a lot of talent is this week's music maker
Liv: As here we have Dougal with his latest music

Liv: Well that certainly was pure talent
Rory: Yes, well lets hope this years contestants hold just as much talent
Nic: I didn't even know that our whole school contained such amasing acts that we see
Liv: I know but later on in the show we will be lucky enough to meet some of the acts
Rory: But now lets go over to Katie with the news

Nic: Well there certainly is a lot going on in the school
Liv: And every sport team show much talent as we heard about there matches
Rory: Well if you could have so much talent what would you be?
Nic: Well I'm not sure, maybeI I would be the most clever person in the world
Rory: Well lets hope that this week's quiz contestants can show off their talent
Liv: As they tackle this week's House Quiz with Jenna and Sianni!

Nic: Well done to
Liv: Yes, all the houses did really well
Rory: But now lets listen to one boy
Nic: Who shows a lot of talent
Liv: And is a real comedian
Rory: Yes, telling his jokes it's...
ALL: Finn from L2W

Nic: Well they certainly were funny
Liv: And full of pure talent
Rory: Yes, well here is what everyone has been waiting for...
Nic: It's time where we meet some of the contestants
Liv: From this years talent show!
Rory: As we interviews them

Liv: Well good luck to all the contestants
Rory: And to the judges,i know i would find it a tuff decission
Nic: As our school holds such great talent
Liv: Well, remember you can enter the talent show so don't miss this big event!
Rory: Well, unfortunately it's time to go
Nic: But get practising for the
Rory: And remember the winner will get invited to come on radiohigh!
Liv: So don't miss it!