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Music - By Sandy for 10 secs

Kerry - Hello and welcome to one of the first Radio High shows of the year. I am Dj Kay and this is Dj Lal .

Lana - And a big hello from me, Dj Lal, lets start with the News from Kirsty and Sarah.

Jingle for News reports

Kirsty - Hi this is the news report for this week at the High School Of Dundee. On Friday 29th of September the school held a coffee morning in aid of McMillan cancer research. It was a great success. There were High School pupils selling drinks and snacks to raise money for it. We raised £....

Sarah - Also this week there has been a trampolining club, a karate club and a judo club set up at Mayfield after school for L4 - L7 children. For information about the times of these clubs ask your class teacher.

Jingle - Advert for Pasta King

Dj Kay - Heres a couple of jokes just to lighten up the moment

Dj Lal - Why did the skeleton go the body shop?

Dj Kay - I do not have a clue

Dj Lal - Because he only had bones

Jingle - High School Of Dundee Sports Report

Cameron -

Jingle - Advert for clubs

Cameron can say something about the netball team having their first game on Thursday 19th October against St. Lukes and St. Matthews (Lana)