Teacher show

Radiohigh Jingle

Rory: Hello, and welcome to Radiohigh!
Liv: Yes, as we are coming to the end of another year of school
Katie: We challenge some of the chaeotic teachers
Rory: And see how you feel as you enter a new and older year of school
Liv: But first lets hear about what is happening around the school
Katie: As we listen to the news

Rory: Well there certainly are a lot of events happening during the end of the year
Liv: Yes, it's soon time where the pupils find out their dreaded teachers
Katie: And buy all the new uniforms
Rory: Well, one thing that we always dread is the latest cringing songs by the latest boy band
Katie: But here we have music that will never be cringeworthy
Liv: It's this week's music

Rory: Well, that certainly was great
Liv: Yes, and hopefully next year Radiohigh will find just as good members to make some great music
Katie: Well one boy who will always be telling his
Rory: Funny and histerical
Liv: Jokes...is Finn from L2W

Katie: Well Finn certainly is funny
Rory: Yes, they were great jokes
Liv: And i look forward to hearing some more on the next show
Katie: Well, hopefully doing just as well is...
Rory: Our teachers as they take on this show's House Quiz!

Liv: Well, the teachers have certainly brought something different to our show
Katie: Yes, complete and utter madness!
Rory: Speaking of madness is some of this year's talent show acts
Liv: As Adam and Jenna interview some of these
Katie: Nervous but excited contestants

Rory: Well good luck to each and every contestant
Liv: Which are...







Katie: Well we can't wait to see all of you
Rory: So good luck!
Liv: But now unfortunately we have to go
Katie: So it's goodbye from her
Rory: And goodbye from her
Liv: And goodbye from them