Show opens RadioHigh Jingle

Nic: Hello and welcome to radiohigh!
Livi: That's right, it's time for the best radio station in the world.
Nic: I'm Dj Nicholas But you can call me Nicki
Livi: And I'm DJ Olivia but you can call me Livi
nic:this is the best place for
livi:sports reports and the latest news updates
nic:and thats all in


livi have you heard one of nicholas's joke yet well your in for a treat
nic:what do you call a sleeping bull?

livi I don't know what do you call a sleeping bull?

nic a bulldozer


livi thank you Nic that was dreadful, now the latest news and sports.


Jenna-This week in the Junior School the teachers and pupils are preparing for some very special visitors.........THE INSPECTORS!!! The inspectors are coming at the beginning of December to inspect the school and the teachers are already getting organised. The first week in December could be very tense for the teachers!!

Findlay- Also in the first week of November we had our yearly Open Morning which ,as usual ,was very sucsessful.Let's hear what the visitors thought of the school with our very special on-location pupils (visitors speak)

Jenna-And finally,L6 have prepared a talk about Remembrance Sunday.Let's hear what the pupils have prepared for us

Halge at Remembrance day parade.

On Friday 9th November 2007 The High School of Dundee held their Remembrance Day Parade. Halge sat and watched the parade from the classroom window. This is what he saw:
The cadets marched on, followed by the pipes and drums and Halge loved the sight even altghough he was watching from a distance. The cadets were all lined up and the Sergent Major gave an order for the colours to be presented. The Pipe Band then played Highland Cathedral. A poppy reef was presented by Alice Burnet and Duncan Leese and the head boy and girl. There was a two minute to allow us all time to think about the many people who gave their lives in the first and second world wars. It is also a time to think about other wars being fought today. The minister said a prayor. The Sergent Major dismised all of the pipes and drums and the cadets. All of the other High School pupils quietly walked back to their classrooms.

Lots of people wore a poppy as a mark of respect. In 1918 gun shots died down in Belgum France and Germany marking the end of the First World War. After four years of fighiting more than 20 million men and woman were dead. World War Two began on the ist September 1939 . World WarTwo was the most blood sheading war ever and a tough war for the United Kingdom.

Findlay- What a great talk there L6.Now let's go to sports with little and large Rory and Ronan.

Ronan-Hello and welcome to the sports on radiohigh.The sport this week features Rugby, Netball and Hockey now lets go to Rory with the rugby.

Rory- On saturday the 17th of November the primary A team played george wastons at home. both teams played really well but left the half-time score 2 tries and 2 conversions. The sencond half-was better with dundee scoring a tri wich left thye full-time score 1 tri to 2 tries and 2 conversions to watsons.

Ronan- Now lets hear how the B's got on.

Rory- While the A`s were triumphaint the B`s were trying so hard to hold off the watsons B`s the half-time score was 2 trys and 2 conversions the full time score was 7 trys and 3 conversions to 0.

Rory- now over to Ronan for the netball.

Ronan- The netball report was a very intresting game against St.Marys at home. the teams looked very even. the half-time score ended 1-1. the teams started well both scoring which left the full-time score 2-2.

Rory- what about the hockey lets go team.

Ronan- The primary hockey team were playing St.Georges at home. The game started well with the half-time score 3-1. the second half began well dundee were trying to score to goals to get back into the game unluckely dundee were not able to score leving the full-time score 3-1 to St.Georges

Rory- ooooo so close to winning. now lets hear how the b's played.

Ronan- The primary hockey team played St.Georges at home. the game was very close both teams played their best but the half-time score ended 2-1 to St Georges. They played well threw out the game but did not manage to come back with the full-time score being 4-1 to St.Georges.
Liv- Well done to all the teams that have played this week.
Nic- That's right, there were some tough teams out there but you all did great.
Liv- Now it's time for three interesting
Nic- And unusual
Liv/Nic- Facts
Ronan- did you know that a fishes brain lasts up to four seconds.
Bethany- did you know as you get older your eye colour gets lighter
Henry-Did you know that an ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain

Liv- Wow I didn't know that, did you Nicki?
Nic- I had no idea
Liv- Well I wonder if the P1s knew their facts for....
Liv/Nic- The house quiz!
Nic- Well done Wallace hopefully the other houses will do better next time.
Liv- I'm sure they will.
Nic- Now for the number one on the chart this week
Liv- That's right lets listen to our latest music made by ........
Nic- That beats Leona Lewis anyday
Liv- Right, moving on
Nic- Hey I've got a good joke for you....
Liv- Ugghhh
Liv- Well it's not better than my joke
Nic- Tell me
Liv- Laughing (only)
Nic- That was dreadful!
Liv- Was not
Nic- Well i'm afraid that's time for
Liv- So it's goodbye from me
Nic- And it's goodbye from her

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