Bagpipe Music

Fin: Hello and welcome to our bonnie show o' Radiohigh
Adam: Yes today our whole show is based on
Liv/Fin/Adam: Scotland!
Liv: And what affy good surprises your in for like our two new DJs Adam and Findlay!
Fin: But first lets listen to the news from Jenna and Katie


Katie:Hello and welcome to our special scottish shows news!i wonder what's been going on in the schol this week!!
Jenna:Well on the 25th January the L7s had their entrance exam. It was held in Trinity and lasted from 9-12:30.I'm sure that all the L7s enjoyed it!
Katie:I'm sure they all did!!Also on 25th January it was Burns Day.The L5's had their burns supper and all had a fun time!
Jenna:But the seniors also had a very exciting day recently haven't they Katie?
Katie:Yes they have! They had a tartan day where they dressed in casual colothes but had to wear a bit of tartan.
Jenna: there were lots of different outfits and some people even wore their pyjamas!!
Katie So why did the juniors no thave this charity event Jenna??
Jenna:Well in a few weeks the junior school are having a challenge day to raise money for Mark Beaumont.So we did not do tartan day.
Katie talking of mark beaumont mark is nearly finished his world cycle he has been in France,belguim,holland,germany,poland,ukraine,romania,bu;garia,turkey,iran,pakistan,india,thailand,malysia,singapore,australia,New zealand,usa and right now as we speak he is in Portugal.
Jenna:Mark has raised a total of 1,500 thousand pounds.Congratulations mark!!`
Katie:Also recently we had our swimming gala.It was very successful with every one having a great time including the teachers as we had our teachers race but unfortunately they did not win!!The overall winners of the gala were Airlie!!Well done Airlie!!
Jenna:Hard Luck teachers!! And lastly the co-curricular had a competition and Euan Rose and Lewis Fraser won and their prizes were being guest editors!!
Katie:Well done boys! Well that's all from us today so see you next time on the Radiohigh news!!

Adam: Well thank you Jenna amd Katie
Liv: Yes you sure do keep us up to date
Fin: Well I hope the P5s are ready for the
Fin/Liv/Adam: HOUSE QUIZ!


Well done to !
Liv: Yes they were real nail biting questions
Fin: Well here are some facts about Scotland

3 Scottish Facts

Well did you know that Scotland is made up of a massive 787 islands.
Adam: Or that the River Tay is the largest river measuring 188km.
Fin: Well Elvis Presley's very own mother was from our country, Scotland.

Adam: Well we sure are an interesting country
Liv: Aye, we're famous for many things
Fin: Yes shortbread, whiskey, tartan
Adam: And even our own Scottish poetry
Liv: Yes Scotland is famous for many poets
Adam: And we even have one in the mist of the stars
Fin: What at The High School of Dundee?
Adam: Yep
Liv: Really?
Adam: Yes it's our very own
Fin/Adam/Liv: Mrs Vanit

Poem and interview/Mrs Vanit
What would you say is one of the hardest poems to resite????

What is your favourite poet???????

Do you think robert burns put his emotions into his poem and why???????What would you say is one of the hardest poems to resite????

What is your favourite poet???????

Do you think robert burns put his emotions into his poem and why???????
would you be able to resite a bit of a poem
Fin: Well that certainly was braw
Adam: Yes, Mrs Vanit you are a true poet
Liv: And you were just as good as Robert Burns
Fin: Yes it was very impressive that you knew so much about poetry
Adam: Well i wonder if one of our classes in the junior school was just as impressive
Liv: Yes, you guessed it, it's time for
Liv/Adam/Fin: Class of the week

Class of the Week

Adam: Well done L5's that was brilliant!
Liv: Yes, thank you Ian, Louise, Taskeen, Anna and Emily
Fin: That was great
Adam: Yes, but I'm sorry to say that it's the end of our show today
Fin/Liv: Aww
Liv: But what a Scottish show we've had
Fin: Well it's goodbye from him
Adam: And it's goodbye from him
Liv: It's goodbye from them
Bagpipe musician: And it's goodbye from me your musician
Mrs Vanit: And it's goodbye from me, Mrs Vanit
Liv/Fin/Adam: Goodbye!