Music- I need a hero

Rory: Hello and welcome to
Liv: Radiohigh!
Nic: Yes today we have a whole show based on our heros!
Rory: With my body of power you can call me Rocky
Liv: And with my man made muscles you can call me Superman
Nic: And with my... well with me you can call me Batman
Rory: And with such good heros we have a herotastic show for you today
Liv: Yes our show really is strong, powerful and full of muscles
Nic: But our show is not on heros for an odd reason
Rory: Yes, recently our very own hero finished his challenge
Liv: And in the show today we have the hero himself
Rory/Nic/Liv: Mark Beaumont!
Nic: But what an excitement we'll have to wait for
Rory: As we first hear the news from Findlay

Fin: And now to the news, as most of you know that L7's
are going on our educational trip to Paris were we will be going to DisneyLand, Aqua Boulivard
and the Calais Hypermarket. The L7 children are very excited. it was National Book Day this month so go to any good book
shop and use your token and the four of our L7's who went to
the Techno Challenge in St Lenerds unfortunatly didn't win and it is a half day on Friday for the L7's.

Adam: We have had some great results in rugby with the A Team winning 4-2 against Howe of Fife but unfortunately losing by one conversion to Staurts Melville and the B Team winning 4-0 against staurts Melville. The netball team won 8-1 against Saint Josephs and lost 9-8 against Fintry. The hockey team drew their first match ending in 1-1, drew their second match ending in 0-0 and won their last match ending in 4-0. Thats all from me with the sport.

Liv: Well thank you Findlay and Adam
Nic: Yes thank you for keeping us up to date
Rory: And good luck to all the sport teams
Liv: Well the whole world is built up of heros
Nic: Yes, who's yours?
Liv: It would have to be ...............
Rory: But although they are your hero
Liv: By singing the bestest songs ever
Rory: Yes, but we be heros too
Liv: Really?
Rory: Yip everyone can be an everyday hero
Nic: What even me?
Rory: Yip, and so can everyone who's listening
Liv: Why don't you do something to become a hero
Rory: Well here we have a phononemal hero
Nic: As we interview Mark Beaumont


Liv: Well he really is a hero
Rory: Yes and in many ways
Nic: I hope I can do something as amazing as him when I'm older
Rory: Well this weeks class of the week did
Liv: Yes all of L... are heros
Nic: And to proove it lets listen to ......


Rory: Well you all were heros
Liv: Yes, each and every one of you were
Nic: Well I know a jokes that's just as herotastic
Rory: Lets hear it then


Rory: Well listen to this crackin joke then
Liv: My joke is so funny you won't be able to stop laughing

Liv: They were hilarious
Rory: That's one way of putting them
Nic: Well hopefull our houses do better in the
Nic/Liv/Rory: House Quiz

Rory: Well done ................
Liv: Yes I didn't know that much about heros
Nic: Either did I
Rory: But HEROifically he he get it horrifically, HEROifically we've come to an end
Liv: That was worse than our jokes!
Nic: Lets just say we've come to an end
Rory: But remember that you can be a hero too
Liv: Yes, everyday
Nic: But it's goodbye from Batman
Rory: And me Rocky
Liv: And bye from me Superman
Mark: Goodbye from me Mark and you've just been listening to Radiohigh.
Liv/Rory/Nic: Goodbye!