(Jingle) play and say over jingle so that the words - Radiohigh - land bang in time with the end of jingle.

(Rachael ) Hello and Welcome to todays show on

(jingle - end) RADIOHIGH -

(Rachael) My name is Rachael

(Hannah)and i'm Hannah and im Francesca .We have so much lined up for you so let's go to Rachael to find out.

(rachael)Todays show has our house quiz with L7 and an interview with a very brave boy who would do anthign for his big brother. We also have the news and sport with Francesca and a new entry into the radiohigh charts.

(Hannah) First lets hear this weeks news and sport

news jingle

Francesca) Todays news in Dundee high school is that the L7 are working very hard for their play called ZOOM it will be coming out on June the 12th till June the 15th. I hope you can all make it.And of course there is always a sports day, sports day is on the weekend of the 16th of June and I know that most people will want to go in for some races. The L7/L6 choir are going to the National Scottish Song Competition in Albert Hall in Stirling, I am sure they will be great. Next week the L7 are going for a trip to the Drug Awareness Event in Edinburgh by the Police. There was a special Auther who came to L7 and L6 her name is Theresa Breslin. Todays headline in the sport The L7 girls are doing a tennis champioship and so far Bryony Wardle, Susan Graham, Sophie Armstrong and Rachael Cosgrove have managed to get through so well done to them. Also the L6's played a netball match against St. Margrets and they won there match 3-2 so well done done to all L6's


(Rachael) Thanks Francesca what a busy time we have ahead of us before school closes at the end of term.

(Hannah) Did you hear about Johnny's mum?

all - no

Hannah - Well she has four kids April May and June. do you know what the fourth was called?...

(rachael) july

(hannah) No JOHNNY!


(Rachael) now it is time for the class of the week!


class L6G

(Hannah) Thank you very much Mrs goddard's class that was very interesting. Well done.

(Francessca) Fact 1: Now did you know that thinking about your muscles can make you stronger?

(Hannah) Really? Well did you know that the strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue?

(Rachael) Well i didn't know that but i bet that you didn't know that babies are born without kneecaps. They appear when the child is 2-6 years of age.

(Hannah) That is really interesting. Now do you remember out quiz where you had to guess who the two teachers were. Let's listen again to remind you.

screaming teachers

Francesca - it was not that difficult as the laugh could only be Mrs Docherty and the LOUD scream was Mrs Tonner. Lots of people guessed correct but hte winners are....

Now it is time for our hit if the week.


(Rachael) I really like that song by the Sweet Shouters and it is number one in radiohigh's charts.

(Francessca) Yes it is a really good song and it is called Keep Shining by the Sweet shouters.

(Hannah) Now you guys maybe desperate to hear the interview with that brave boy but first we will have the (everyone) HOUSE QUIZ!

quiz jingle

(house quiz)

(Hannah) Well done .... for winning this weeks house quiz for ......

(Rachael) Being on the quiz maybe nerve racking for the contestants but there is one little boy in our school who is much braver than our contestants and Mrs Tonner on Space Mountain.

(Hannah) This special boy is Alistair in primary 4 who gave bone marrow to his big brother Cammie who was very ill. we asked Aslistair a few questions to find out what it was like to do this brave deed for his brother.

(interviewer questions)
(Hannah) Are you proud of yourself for giving bone marrow to your brother?
(Francesca)Is your brother ok now?
(Rachael)How did you feel?
(hannah)Was it sore?
(Rachael)How long were you in the hospital for?
(Francesca) Thank youso much you are one brave boy alistair.

(Rachael) What fun I have had making this show

(Hannah) I know but unfortuately that is all we have time for so saddly we have to say good bye!

(Rachael) it is goodbye for me

hannah - goodbye from her


(Alister - I am Alister and you are listening to radiohigh

radiohigh jingle