Beginning of Morven's Piece - Vanessa - Hi everyone you're listening to Radio High!

Gareth - You've just been listening to Quirkey by Curls and Purls which went in at number 2 in the charts.

Vanessa - Hi, I am Vanessa

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Vanessa - Lined up for you today we have the usual news views and sports results from the High School of Dundee and the Inhouse Quiz where the L3's will be in the hotseat!! Later in the show we will be finding out who won the radiohigh logo.

Gareth - Out in the playground we asked some of the pupils what their favourite jokes were. Let's listen now to a few of these rib tickling jokes.

Morven - Now a side spliting joke from Rachael Guest L3C! A horse walks into a bar and asks for a drink and the bar man says " Why the long face!" Ha ha thats a good one! Thanks to Rachael Guest L3C for that!

Vanessa - Ha Ha I'm Struggling for air here those were hysterical! Next we have Morven with all the latest news from around the whole school.

News Jingle

Morven - This week we are going live to Borders with the Primary 3's. It sounds like they certinately had a good time! On Friday the junior school held a Pudsey Bear Drive, whoch is like a Beetle Drive, to raise money for Children in Need. We raised over £550 and Mrs. Goddard's assembly made us realise why we raised this amount of money. In the U.K. we will have raised millions of pounds all going to Children In Need. Well done to everyone who took part in the Pudsey Bear Drive and for donating money to Children in Need!

This year the Junior School Council are putting forward a project to encourage recycling, hopefully the School Council will be able to put out recycling bins for many different materials such as paper, plastic and many others. This was disscused last year and is being put forward this year to make a nice green change to the school. Now for our sport's report from Joseph.

Joseph - The rugby teams have had tough opposition for the last two weeks.Last wwek Dundee High played George Watsons.The final score was 10-6 to George Watsons Dundees tries came from Blair Cochrane neither were converted.George Watsons scored 3 tries and converted 1.The quality of rugby shows great progress.The B teams match was cancelled.The hockey and netball teams are training hard.

Coming up there is a cross country competition for L6-7.It is against Leuchars primary school at dalnacraig on the 28th of november.

A few sundays ago boys and girls took part in the Scottish Schools Dry Ski Slope Championship.Led by Charlie Guest [Form 2] the girls minor team emerged with the silver medals.Charlie took the individual silver aswell.The full girl minor team was Charlie Guest,Katie Guest,Rosie Gray,Bryony Wardle and Callum Rennet who competed for the boys team.

The Scottish Schools Swimming Championships took place recently and Callum Rennet, Paul Adamson, Harris Brown and Duncan Shaw all took part. Taking the silver.

Unfortunately the hockey team could not play in the match against St Georges as the match was cancelled. Hopefully the next game will be more successful!

On saturday the rugby teams had disappointing matches against George Heriots.The A team lost 20 - 0 while the B team lost 30 - 0.

Thats all we have time for just now so I'll hand you back over to our djs.

Gareth - Thank you Morven and Joseph. Let's hope the rugby team do better this week.

Vanessa - On another subject, did you know your eyes stay the same size from birth but your ears and nose keep never stop growing.

Gareth - Really, well did yoiu know many hamsters only blink one eye at a time.

Morven - That's an intersting one but did you know goat's eyes have rectangular pupils.

Joseph - That's strange, Did you know an ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.

Vanessa - Just like yours Gareth

Gareth - ha ha

Morven - Now it is time for our interviews. On Friday the 10th November the whole school held a Remembrance Parade in the School playground to remember all the men who fought in WW1. Today we have a few people who played an important role in the Parade.

Joseph and Gareth - Hello Mr McAdam and welcome to RadioHigh.

Can you tell us a little about your role in the Rememberance Parade?

How do you manage to have such a loud voice?

What is the biggest mistake youve ever made when youve been shouting orders?

Ive heard your not allowed to smile why is this?

Morven and vanessa - Our next guests are the Senior School's Head boy and girl Douglas Dorward and Sophie.

Can you tell us a little about your role in the Rememberance Parade?

Is it nerve-racking carrying the wreath infront of everyone?

What was the hardest part of the parade?

What is the best and worst parts of being head boy and girl?

Mr McAdam - Attention everyone, sit up straight straight. stop chatting and tune into the L3 Quiz on RadioHigh

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