RadioHigh theme tune - music fades

Anya: Hello and wecome to RADIOHIGH!

Tabitha: We are your djs. I am DJ Tabby!

Anya: And I am DJ Anja.

Tabitha: We have an awesome show lined up for you today!

Craig: On interview with our headteacher Mrs Woodman!

Anya: Class Of The Week are L2 with a lovely Christmas song.

Charles: All the latest news, sports and views.

Tabitha: And taking the hot seat in this week's House Quiz are L5.

Anya: But first over to our news report, with our lovely reporter, Craig.


Craig: Today’s headlines are ... pupils’ nose put out of joint and the final curtain for a special lady.

After teaching for over 30 years, the final curtain is about to fall for our headteacher Mrs Woodman.

Mrs Woodman has held the position of headteacher, at The High School of Dundee, for the past 13 years.

During her time here she has produced 7 musicals and next week sees her produce her final nativity, number 13.

We will all be sad to see Mrs Woodman leave and we wish her all the best in her retirement.

On a happier note, the children are very busy in the last weeks before Christmas.

Next week L5 start the christmas paties on Tuesday with almost a different party each day.

On Wednesday 13th December is the anual Christmas concert at the Caird Hall in Dundee where the Junior and Senior school put on a musical christmas feast. Now for the latest sports by our reporter Charles


Charles: Boy's nose put out of joint during a rugby match with Robert Gordons. Joseph Gibbons, from the A team took a bad tackle and his nose was put out of place. This was obviously good luck as the A team won 9 - 0. Last week the A team played Stewarts Melville and won 5 tries to 2.

In the Cross country some L6 and 7 children competed against Leuchars primary. Duncan Leese and Catriona Wallace won for L6 with Georgina Black winning for L7. Good sportsmanship was shown by Callum Rennet and Chris Acheson who crossed the line together winning for L7.

L7 netball was a draw against Ancrum Road.

The Hockey match was cancelled yet again.

Tabitha: Thanks Craig and Charles, that was very interesting wasn't it Anja.

Anya: Yes,it sure was. Well done to Calum And Chris on winning the cross country

Tabitha: Did you know that the chicken is one of the few things that man eats before it's born and after it's dead...

Anya: Really - well girls blink nearly twice as much as boys

Tabitha: Oh did you know Chimps are the only animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror. I see where Craig gets the resemblance... [Laughter]

Anya: Now for the latest entry to RadioHigh's charts. .................. by .....................


Tabitha: Great stuff ......... . went in at number 3 in the charts. The classical guitar playing is still at number 1 for the third show in a row.

Anya: I wonder who will be number 1 next week.

Duncan: - I have a joke for you .............................


Tabitha: Now for the moment we have been waiting for.( drum roll) Our much awaited interview with our very own headteacher Mrs Woodman. (fanfare)

Craig: We are delighted to have Mrs Woodman in the hot seat today who is going to tell us a little bit about what she has been doing for the past 30 odd years as I am sure you do not think that she sits in her room all day singing along to all the old musicals. Lets find out about the woman behind the headteacher's door.


Tabitha: Guess where we will all be heading for our next summer holidays

Anya: Mmmm could it be a small island? Mrs Woodman you better start preparing your guest room for all the visitors you will be getting.

Tabitha: Now whilst we were interviewing Mrs Woodman we thought we would surprise her with a little quiz.

Anya: Whilst Mrs Woodman has been a headteacher at our school she has produced 7 musicals. Has it all been singing and dancing whilst as a headteacher or does Mrs Woodman really know her stuff. Tune in to the quiz to find out.


Tabitha: Well lets hope the L5's are as quick as Mrs Woodman in this week's House Quiz. I can just feel the tension, can't you Tabby?

Anya: Yes I can, but before L5's hit the hot seat let's go over to our Class of the Week!

Tabitha: And this week it's L2W singing some Christmas songs accompanied by their teacher Mrs Wheatley on the guitar..


Anya: that was lovely L2 your Rudolph really rocks.

Tabitha: It sure does and has put us all in the mood for Christmas


Anya: Time for the house quiz!

House Quiz

Tabitha: I can't belive ......... won!

Anya: I know! I didn't see that coming!

Tabitha: that is all we have time for this week

Anya: It is goodbye from me

Tabitha: and it's goodbye from her

Both: Good bye

Mhairi giving a farewell message to Mrs Woodman

Mrs Woodman farewell

RadioHigh jingle