Ding Dong DJS

We need to get the other guys to do something too!

Please enter your script for your show. Remember to click on save at the end - Mrs Tonner :o)
This is coming along. A few things required - music, jingles, RadioHigh theme tune, house quiz and celeb interview. Remember that your news and sports will be the latest depending on the week you present your show. Mrs Tonner :o

The Script!

The radio high theme tune it gets faded

Gavin- Hello everyone this is the ding-dong djs radio show!(ding dong sound)

Nathan - In this radio show there is going to be lots of fun!

Gavin- We are going to interview a special guest, L7 quiz and some interesting news from the L7 Paris trip.

Nathan - Now for all the news and views around the school

News jingle

Olivia - One of todays top stories is the school music concert. Everyone enjoy it and it had a varity of insruments and choirs. The leng medal winners were Kirsty Stout, KIrsty Mitchell and Kris Mordente. At the end of the first half of the concert Everyone enjoyed the brass band who play the Wallace and Gromit theme tune.

Now for the latest sports news

- There was a cricket match on Saturday 28th April. Dundee High School played Robert Gordens at Dalmocraig. At the end of the cricket match the score was 133 runs to Dundee High School and 58 runs to Robert Gordens!

Gavin- - That was a great result for the High School

Nathan - Gosh there are lots of things going on at the school that is is hard to keep up with everything.

Gavin - now for our hit of the week in radiohigh's charts


Nathen -You have just listened to ...... by .......... that went into number in Radiohigh's Charts.

Gavin - Now for a little competition. when the L7 children went to Paris some teachers decided to try Space Mountain. Let's listen to their reactions:

The screaming teachers here!

Gavin - Well those teachers did scream a lot on Space Mountain in Paris , I have to say! It is hard to tell whether they are having fun or they are frightened!

Nathan - Can you name the two teachers from the Junior school who don't sound as brave as they look. Write your answer on a piece of paper with your name and class and send to Mrs Tonner.

Nathen- Talking about Paris here are Francesca,Kirsty and Olivia telling you some France Facts!

Effle Tower Facts!

Francesca- Fact one-The hieght of the Effle Tower is 1052 feet and did you know that they paint the Effle Tower every 7 years with 50 tons of paint!

Kirsty-Fact two-The Effle Tower shricks 6 inches in the winter and its wieght is 7000 tons!

Olivia-Fact three- The Number of steps to the top of the Effle Tower is 1665 in 1889 when they finnish the Effle Tower it was the tallest building in the world!

Nathen- That was a very scarey fact about the Effle Tower!

Gavin- Yes talking of Effle tower we have some people singing on the lift up to the top of the Effle Tower!

Singing up to Effle Tower!

Nathen- The L7 had so much fun in Paris!

Gavin- Yes we did have fun but now I think it is time for the interveiw with

Nathen- We're not telling you yet you have to listen to the interview!

The interviwe is here!

- Hope you all enjoyed this week's radio high!

Gavin - Well I did!

Nathan - Well its sadly time for US to say GOODBYE!

Gavin- Its good bye from him

Nathen- Good bye from him!

Everyone -

Good bye!