Radiohigh Christmas Jingle
Liv: Hello, and welcome to our special edition of Radiohigh
Nic: Yes but this show is full of Christmas magic
Liv: But first let me introduce you to him the elf of crackers
Kat: And her the elf of mistletoe
Nic: And her the elf of tinsel
Liv: But its not just us you will get to know today
Kat:yes we have a very special visitor in the show
Nic:Before that very special moment lets hear news with Jenna and Findlay
News and Sports
Findlay:Hello and welcome to this week radiohigh news.Iwonder what's been going on in the junior school this week.

Jenna:Firstly our 'Voices of The World' has been nominated for the 'Edublog' award so don't forget to vote on the junior school wiki page on our website

Findlay:Also on Wednesday night we had our annual Christmas Concert.The evening was jam-packed full of music from the choirs and musical bands.It was a very enjoyable night.

Jenna:And lastly,all of our Christmas parties are well under way now and they have all been fabulous fun so far.So that's all from us today on the Radiohigh news.

Findlay: Now let's go over to Rory and Ronan for this weeks sports.

hello and today on the sports i will be flying solo today we have swimming,hockey netball and rugby
rory- on the rugby this week the team went out for a hard game against stewarts melville away the a team started out the day with getting beaten 3-0 the b team however got beaten 9-0 now for some swimming the swimming heats started good and there was some great swimming
rory- the hockey teams by getting beaten by george herriots 3-0 and 4-1 the netball however had a results of 9-0 to dundee high against invergowrrie that was a great effort girls
Nic: Well done to the teams
Liv: Yes that was christmasatic
Kat:Anyway whats your favourite part of Christmas
Nic: Deffinately the pressents
Liv: Yeh, I mean what would I do without my I Pod?
Kat: Well that's not mine, you must remember it's a time to be happy
Nic: What???
Liv: Yes you're spending a whole holiday with your family
Nic: Huh???
Kat: And it's not just based on Santa
Nic: Oh yes it's also the holiday to remember the birth of baby Jesus
Liv: But christmas is celebrated and shown in different ways
Kat: And here are some facts about the traditions we use at christmas
Nic: Many families put up a tree and cover it with decorations and lights
Kat: Yes this established from Germany
Liv: And people make christmas puddings which sometimes even have a surprise in them
Nic: Yes, one of the main traditions to propose was to hide a ring in the cake
Kat: Some people still do that today
Nic: And people sing carols
Kat: Just like the choir did at the concert on Wednesday night
Liv: Yes well done to all the hard work that was put in and a big
Liv/Nic/Kat: Thank You
Liv: Now let's hear the Christmas Quiz
Nic: Now, instead of having one surprise we've got another
Liv: Yes we've gone around for this edition asking what you want for christmas
Kat: And listened to your favourite songs
Nic: So let's listen
ON LOCATION( asking questions)
Kat: Sounds like Santa is going to be busy on Christmas Eve delivering all those presents.
Liv: Talking about presents and toys I was reading an article that listed that top 5 must have toys for Christmas.
Nic: What are they?
Liv: Well in first place is Bob the Builder Snaptrax Garage & Car Wash set
Kat: In 2nd place is Oddbodz
Liv: In 3rd place is the Remote Control Scrambler
Kat: In 4th place is Bob the Builder Tool Bench
Liv: and finally in 5th place is Fireman Sam Remote Control Jupiter
Nic: That is really interesting as I have the Bob The Builder Garage on my list and I hope there is one left for me.
Liv: Now it is time for class of the week

L7D-Can you hear what i hear?

Nic: Well done L7D with your Chritmas Song Do You Hear What I Hear
Kat: Yes that was great and I am sure many of you will remember hearing this at assembly a few weeks ago.
Kat: There is that sound again, did you hear it
Liv: I thought I heard something


Kat: There is goes again


Liv: It's getting nearer


NIC: It is right outside the door


Santa - Ho Ho Ho Father Christmas

Liv/Nic/Kat: Look it's Santa Claus


Kat: Well it's good bye rom me The Elf Of Tinsel
Nic: And me The Elf Of Crackers
Liv: And me The Elf Of Mistletoe
And it's goodbye from me Santa!
Goodbye and Merry Christmas!
L1W - Jingle Bells
Santa:I'm Father Christmas And you are listneing to RadioHigh

RadioHigh Jingle