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Alright you now need to plan where you will introduce the quiz, interview, music etc. Mrs Tonner :o)

Djs- Hi and welcome to the greatest radio show ever!

Dj-1-ross- (music playing softly in the backround) I am Dj Ross.

Dj-2-Jennifer- And I am Dj Jen. We have a great show lined up for you!

Dj-1- We have the quiz from the head of each house, the interview with ----, some great music and super reports!

Dj-2-Jennifer- Now over to Martin for the sports report.

Sports presenter- Martin-on the 16th of september Dundee High played doller at mayfield. Dundee High started the game well but a short time after the whistle dollar broke through the defence and scored along with converting the kick, but Dundee High broke quickly with the help of good play.The ball managed to go to the wing where Max Stobbs broke through the defence and scored a try. Just before half time dollar scored thier second and final try of the game which was converted. It was still a draw close the end of the game but suddenly Blair scored a try that was not converted. This made the final score three two to Dundee High. This was a great victory and we all hope it can continue. The netball and hockey should be starting after the October holidays. Good Luck for them.

Dj-2-Jennifer-What a great news report! Have you heard the new song out from our band Ross because i have and i think it is brilliant?

Dj-1-Ross yes i think that it is excellent

Dj-2-Jennifer-Now we will go and listen to the new song from the monkey nuts and go straight to Emma for her news report

(monkeynuts music)

News reporter -Emma- On the 12th of December L1s did the Nativity. Dr Who and Rose travelled through time from 2005, to 1995. On their mission they went through years and met lots of different people. Their mission was to fing the littlest angel but no one could help them. When they finally reached 1994 they found the angel. It was a super show and I am sure everybody enjoyed it!!!

Dj-2-Jennifer- It really was a super show!

Dj-1-Ross- Now for the quiz, and today we have joining us... the head of each house!!

( QUIZ )