Junior School - RadioHigh

RadioHigh is a Junior School project involving computers, microphones, specially trained DJ's (the primary sevens), and our very own Mrs Tonner! RadioHigh will be a weekly podcast available to the whole world via the internet and will contain information about events being held in the Junior School as well as special guest interviews, sports and news reports. All of the L7's will be participating in this activity and they will all get a chance to create this wonderful show. The L7's will be creating the first few shows and then RadioHigh will be turned into a co-curricular club held on certain lunch times and after school. At the moment the shows are just getting started. You can catch up with all the weekly progress at www.radiohigh-djs.com.
We asked Mrs. Tonner where the inspiration for a Junior School radio station came from. To this question Mrs. Tonner replied "The inspiration to create RadioHigh was one of my sudden 'moments of madness'. Whilst surfing the Internet, one evening, looking for ways to develop our school's E-bear blog my search was divereted to the land of Wikis, Blogs and Podcasting where children could work collaboratively on a project, communicate with one another and present their ideas using their voice rather than the written or typed word. The other aspect that was exciting was the added dimension of creating our own music. The idea of developing an area on the Internet that incorporated all these aspects was too appealling and Radio High was born to allow all children the opportunity to work together to present a show using their individual talents."
The L7's are very privileged to have their very own music software with which they will create tracks to be played on RadioHigh itself. This music software is called "Ejay". Using this we should be able to make our podcasts a lot more interesting to listen to. Using another software called "Audacity" we will edit our podcasts. Audacity also allows us to fade out music and combine music and talking together which will make our podcasts a lot more professional.
Each podcast will last about 20 minutes. During this time we will cover a variety of events which have taken place during the past school week.
We questioned Mrs Tonner as to whether RadioHigh will open up to other year groups in later years. She answered "I would hope that RadioHigh will be a great success that it becomes part of the whole school allowing everyone in the Junior and Senior School an opportunity to participate or listen to the show. For example, a class in the Junior School may request a slot on the show to present an aspect of their school work or the Senior School Rugby captain may be interviewed by some of the L7 children. The options are open to suggestions to the RadioHigh team."
We hope too that everyone can have access to the great opportunities that we have received, and will continue to do so whilst making RadioHigh.
Lastly we would like to thank Mrs Tonner for all the effort she has put into RadioHigh. If it wasn't for her, such a wonderful opportunity would never have come around for our year group so we would like her to know that her work has been greatly appreciated.

Ailsa and Louise

CCN - Nativity report by Ailsa and Louise

As Christmas is fast approaching the L1-3's came together to produce this year's nativity. This magical musical was based on each nativity produced by Mrs Woodman.

The show included the well known Doctor Who and his colleague Rose. In the production, Rose and the Doctor travel through time to find the smallest angel, who is needed to regain peace in Bethlehem. Whilst transcending the time barriers, they come across many of the characters from the past nativities such as Humpty Dumpty, Jake and Jenny and Babushka.

There were many songs throughout this performance including "The Ugly Duckling, The Kuchicoos and The Dragonfly Brigade", all of which were sung by everyone in the early years department and accompanied by Mrs Duffus on the piano. The nativity also included a wonderful solo sung by Kyle Davidson, who played the Wizard of Happyland.

Mrs McLaren was conducting the performance along with Mrs Woodman, who played a major part in the producing of the show. The costumes and decorations for Trinity Hall were organised by Mrs McIntosh.

The nativity was a great success, which was enjoyed by all. It definitely put everyone into the spirit of Christmas and spread the festive fun!

By Louise and Ailsa