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I have placed some ideas below for you to work on. You will need more music and jingles. Remember the RadioHigh theme tune needs to be played. Keep working on this as you group will be presenting a show before the Christmas break, More information will follow. Mrs Tonner :o).
( jingle. Created by Harris and Cameron 10 secs aprox)

Harris-Hi I am dj Harris

Cameron-and im dj cameron

both together-Welcome to our show.

Harris- Were you at the L5 burns super?
Cameron- Yeah

Harris-Can you tell us about it?

Cameron-Yes. Lots of L5s were playing traditional scottish music on a large variety of musical instruments. There was also a bit of dancing from pupils and some poems. Be fore the L5s started eating the haggis a boy had to toast to the lassies and a girl had to toast to the laddies.


Cameron- How was rugby at the weekend?

Harris- It was good thanks

Cameron-Now lets listen to our new entry into Radiohigh charts this week.


Harris-And wasn't that fantastic that was our new number one!


Harris- and that was our top music this week.

Cameron-Now over to our news reporter Kirsty.Over to you Kirsty.

NEWS JINGLE 10-15 secs approx

Kirsty-On this weeks news: the L6 biology trip and Kirsty Stout winning the Leng Medal singing competition. With us today we have Kirsty Stout!!! What was it like winning the Lenng Medal?
Kirsty Stout- Brilliant!
Kirsty w:Can you sing us your winning song?
Kirsty Stout- Sure!!
Kirsty-Thank you Kirsty that was great .Some more news:
L6 went to the Biology department.

Kirsty W.When the L6's went to the biology department in the senior school there was 3 visits for each L6 class,one class went on the 8th,9th and the 13th.It was a Science trip with mrs Godard ,it was also a chance to visit the senior school and the senior school teacher are used to teaching older pupils so it is a good chance for the teacher's to teach younger pupils the teacher was called Mrs Woodly ,The Science topic is Life and Water .The Biology Department showed the L6's how plants obtain the water .The also put celery in coloured dye the broke it in half to see the tubes.

Sophie.That is great ,what else happened.

Kirsty-They also painted nail varnish on leaves and peeled it off under the mircroscope then you could see the patterns.Then the looked at how oxygen gets in though the tiny holes in th leaves .They also saw how flowers soak up dye and it changes the colour of the flower head.

(Kirsty)- Now over to our sports corrospondents Sophie and Ailsa.

SPORTS JINGLE-10-15secs aprox
Sophie Hello and welcome to the sports News
Ailsa-This week Dundee High School junior hokey team played in an away match in Edinburgh the score was 8-2 to Dundee High .They played George Herriots.The b team drew against George Herriots and they drew.
Sophie- The most recent rugby match was played three weeks ago against Morrisons the score was .it was an away match. Dundee High won!
Ailsa-The netball team played in an match against Blackness the score was 4-2 to blackness. they also played another game against Ancrum road and won!
(Ailsa and Sophie)- With us today we have Harris and Cameron. What is it like playing for the rugby teams?

(Harris)-It's great!

(Cameron)- But it is quite a big responsibilaty.

(Ailsa)-Do you enjoy playing the game?

(Harris)- Of course!

(Sophie)-Do you practice alot?

(Cameron)-Quite a bit

(Ailsa)- do you have any lucky charms?

(Cameron)-Yeah, I wear my lucky studs when we play!

Both-Now back over to Harris and Cameron


Cameron- Now for some Scottish facts.
1.The capital of scotland Edinburgh was built on 7 hills like Rome
2. the official animal is the unicorn
3.the population is 5,054,800
4. the scottish flag is the St. Andrews flag.
Harris- Now for the quiz


kirsty w -Well done Airlie!!

(Cameron)-Hey, have you had any pasta from Pasta King yet?

(Harris)-Yeah it's great isn't it

Cameron-I know and you get so many different flavours of sauce!

Harris- If you havn't tried it yet I think you should

Camerom- Our class of the week this week is our very own L7's!

Harris- And L7A are going to sing a french song.Go for it!


Cameron- The top joke this week is (enter joke) from Kirsty W in L7 D :This morning I felt like today was going to be my lucky day.I got up at 7:00,had 7 dollars in my pocket,there were 7:00 of us at lunch and there were 7 horses in th 7:00 race - so I banked the 7th.
Did it win?
No it came 7th.
Harris- That was great! It was a really funny joke!
Cameron- Thats all we've got time for but see you soon.
Ailsa- thats goodbye from him
Kirsty- goodbye from her
Harris- goodbye from her
Sophie-Goodbye from him
Cameron- and Goodbye from her!!!