Love Show!


Liv: Well hello there and welcome to our
Adam: Lovey
Fin: And dovey
Liv: Show of Radiohigh!
Adam: Yes, this whole show is as you guessed based on love
Fin: Or for our special occasion valentines day
Liv: So all you lovers get ready for this romantic time
Adam: Yes and for today and ONLY today, you can call me Valentine
Fin: And I'm Romance
Liv: And yes I've got a soppy name too, you can call me- if you must Cupid
Adam: Well as usual lets go over to...
Fin: The lovey dovey news
Liv: With those loved up reporters Jenna and Katie

Jenna:Hello and welcome to our special love shows news.What's been happenning this week i wonder?
Katie:Well our news this week is based on the L6's trip to Botanic gardens.
Jenna:The L6's left the school at 8:30 and some people nearly missed the bus but justed made it!
Katie:The bus journey took just over 1 and a half hours and when the L6's arrived their tour guides Ginger and Alastdair met them.
Jenna:Their tour guides, then showed them round the glass houses.The focus of the trip to botanic gardens was rainforests which ties in with the geography topic.
Katie:There was a lot of looking and tasting when diffrent foods were put on a stall
Jenna:Including ginger,papyua,chocolate and pineapple.Yum!!
Katie:Most of the L6's enjoyed the a-z activity most.This activoty was when the children recieved a piece of paper that had the letters a-z on it.They then had to find plants and animals in the greenhouse
Jenna:Then every one enjoyed a yummy packlunch wich they all desereved very much
Katie:After that a short trip was made to the shop
Jenna:To buy some monuments for their family or them selves
Katie:They all enjoyed the trip very much and had a safe journey home.
Jenna:Also yesterday the L2's ahd there trip to the discovery ship.I'm sure that it all went well and they all enjoyed it.
Katie:Thank you for,listening to the radiohigh news see you next week!

Adam: Well what loving news we have
Fin: Yes you were..well...em... just lovely
Liv: But lets hear something loving and funny for all you romantic jokers
Adam: Yes with our jokes captured by Cupid or Mr Valentine

1.What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine's Day?

Fin: Well they were hilarious
Liv: And lovey
Adam: So you lovers out there use any of our jokes to tickle your true one's heart
Fin: Well I wonder if our school knows as much about love for our
Liv: House Quiz with a twist
Adam: Well you sure do know your Love
Fin: Yes, well here's some facts obout love
Liv: Well I didn't know that about
Adam: Let me guess,
Liv: How did you know, that's exactly what I was about to say
Fin: Maybe because...
Liv: Oooh, he can read my mind
Fin: No, the whole show is on love
Liv: Aagghh
Adam: Honestly, well now it's over to Nicholas where he has a surprise interview on
Adam/Liv/Fin: Love
Liv: Well so far the show has been on love, so next we're talking about
Fin: Well that was a surprise
Adam: You may have seen us about the playground
Liv: As we asked you just what you would give your true love
Fin: Lets hear what you said
Liv: We sure did get some strange answers
Adam: Yes I'm not sure I would want an elephant
Liv: Yes but I'd be happy with a farrari
Fin: Right, lets leave these two as we have our Class of the Week
Liv: Well, that was great....
Adam: Yes but unfotunately we're out of time
Liv: Thank goodness for that
Fin: Yes I've had enough love for one day
Adam: Me too
Fin: So it's bye from me, Romance
Liv: And me, Cupid
Adam: And me, Valentine
Liv/Adam/Fin: Goodbye and Happy Valentines Day!