Sian: Hello, and welcome back to the wet wet wet weather of Scotland
Liv: Yes, all you tripers are finally back and here we have a show on just what you've been up to
Fin: On Radiohigh!
Sian: And today to start us off we have Jenna and Nicholas with the news
Liv: Telling us just what's been happening
Fin: Over to the news

Fin: Well lots of busy stuff has been going on while the primary 7's went abroad to paris
Liv: And those L6's went on their adventurous trip to Dalguise
Sian: And of course everyone else had that long two week easter holiday
Fin: But I'm sure there was a mix of weathers from snow to the hot sun
Liv: So let's just see what happened at Dalguise and Paris
Sian: As Katie interviews them...


Fin:Well i'm sure everyone had a super time
Sian: Yes many people enjoy their trips from hiking to skiing
Liv: And some people go on trips to go on an unusual challenge or to even brake a record
Fin: So here we will find out about some of these
Liv: Extrordinary
Sian: And brave people


Fin: Well I didn't know that,did you?
Sian: No, i only thought holidays were to enjoy the sun
Liv: But some people enjoy their holiday by climbing up mountains
Fin: Well i wonder if our house quiz knew more
Sian: As they tackle this week's questions
Liv: Yes,that's right here we have the HOUSE QUIZ


Fin: Well done to all the houses
Liv: Yes they were tough questions
Sian:But you all did very well
Fin: So, what did you enjoy in your holidays
Liv: Deffinately the daytime t.v, I mean This Morning,Loose Women, what more could you want?
Sian: Well I enjoyed listening to my i-Pod
Fin: Well so did this week's music maker
Sian: As we listen to Dougal with this shows beats


Sian: Well that certainly was better than my i-Pod songs
Liv: Yes, well here to try and impress you just as much
Fin: Is Finn from L2W telling us his jokes


Sian: Well done to Finn
Liv: Yes, they were just hilarious
Fin: And he certainly has a funny bone
Sian: Well i wonder if the rest of L2 are just as good
Liv: As we listen to Class of the Week
Fin: With L2


Sian: That was just fantastic
Liv: yes, well done L2
Fin: Well lets just hear where you all went while you were on holiday
Sian: As we go on location


Liv: Well from getting burnt
Sian: To flying to the other side of the world
Fin: It looks like everyone had a good holiday
Sian: But I'm sure most people didn't want to come back to school
Liv: I'm sure you're right
Fin: Well i'm affraid to say that it's goodbye from her
Liv: And goodbye from him
Sian: And goodbye from her