We have been asked to create a show on Open Morning and have it ready by the end - pressure. We can get lots of things ready before Open Morning so that there is not a HUGE amount of work to do.


Click this link - discussion area - and you can read what you have to do. Feel free to comment, add or delete parts as this is YOUR show. Mrs Tonner :o)

Music - created by the Long shots -

A: Hi and welcome to Radiohigh and you are listening to DJ Sammy

Natasha : DJ Jammy!!!

Cameron : and Dj Cammy

N: Today we have a great line up for you live from the Dundee High School's Open Morning!!

A:Oh wait i've just had word that cj is live at the HSD open morning here he is!!!!

Cameron: Stay tuned to find out if the high school really does have a ghost and if it's still lurking around the teachers staff room trying to steal all the Mcvities!! oooohhhhhh.

A - And also the long awaited L2 quiz that everyones been dying to no about -it's brain sizzling stuff!!

N - But first we have Amy with the nail biting rugby and hockey results!!

Aimee: The school rugby teams have trained hard. So far they have managed to get good results in their games. In their latest game, they won against Glasgow Academy by a score of 12-9.
The netball team train with Miss Alexander each Wednesday evening and those selected for fun netball will be training with Miss Ramsay. The school team beat St. Matthews and St. Lukes 15-0.
In there latest game they had another victory this time against St.Joseph’s. They won the match by 6 goals to 4 .
On Saturday 21st October the house hockey for the P6 and 7 girls were held. Each house had a hockey team and played all the other houses. The team which won the game was given 4 points and the team who lost the game was given one. If it was a draw each house got two points. The results for the competition were 1st - Aystree , 2nd - Wallace , 3rd - Lindores , 4th - Airlie

N:Wow great job girls you all must have worked very hard for that place in the house matches especially Aystree who came 1st.

N: Oh wait here comes Cj.

A: Now Did you know that Katie Tunstall was a pupil at Dundee High?

N: No wow no i didn't know that!

Cameron : Well it is reputed that William Wallce was a pupil at Dundee High School that is why one of our houses is called Wallace ta da.

A: It is nearly time for the L2 quiz but just before we listen have a funny joke from (insert persons name here)

A:Where do baby ghosts go during the day? The dayscare centre!
N: Who won the skeleton beauty contest? No body!
C: Why are fences around the cemetry? Beacause everyone was dying to get out!!

T: very funny now it is time for the L2 quiz
C : the year group taking to the hot seat this week are the demons of the Prep Department, yeah you know who am talking about.

L2 Quiz :
Questions by Alex and Callum .

A: I just found out that the high school was built in 1832 and was finished in 1834!!

C: Really?


N:But now we have The Long Shots with their new hit single Jiro Slide

(Music created by Cal and Al!!!)

N:Well done guys that was really good !!!! That was enough to knock the Red Heads out of top position in the charts good job guyssss!!!!!

A: Now its time for class of the week. Our class of the week is ............ L3C
With there firework piece.

(L3C do their thing)

C: Well Done L3C that was brilliant. Fireworks are lovely things.

A: Yeh well done it was really imaginitive and well thought out!!!

(Another report from Cj)

N: Now thats all we have time for today so its goodbye from me.

A: And its goodbye from her.

N: And its goodbye from him.

C: And its goodbye from her .......

3 djs: Good Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!