Funky Roxy Djs


Dj Racho:Hi there folks and welcome to Radio High the best show in town.I am Dj Racho.

Dj Neevo:And I am Dj Neevo.In this weeks program we have:

Dj Racho:Sports

Dj Neevo:News

Dj Neevo: And much more but first we have Cora Boyle with the latest news.Over to you Cora.

(Cora's news)

Dj Racho :Thank you Cora .

DJ Neevo: Later on in our programme we shall be intervieing our mystery guest.

DJ Racho: But first we have Alexander Fagerson with the sports report. Over to you Alex

(Alex's sports)

DJ Racho: Thank you Alex and now we wont keep you any longer our mystery guest is (name)


DJ Neevo: (Question)


Dj Neevo: (Question)


DJ Racho: (Question)


Dj Neevo:(Question)

( Answers)

DJ Racho: Thank you for your time (Name)

(All): Goodbye.