Your deadline is to create a show that will be broadcast on the 26th October 2006. Here are a few items and research you will be required to do:

* Guest Interview - Richard Allen from Radio Tay - research your guest and prepare questions.
  • L1 Quiz - Gather questions from L1 department and arrange who will represent the four houses and arrange a recording time.
  • 2 minute class slot - L3H have a poem prepared - when can this be recorded.
  • Music - not to last longer than 1 minute - this can be created during lunchtime in the ICT suite.
  • Birthday jingle - find out if any birthdays this month - I will make a jingle for you.
  • Can we have our first advertisement jingle?

Some of the above you will not be able to give the full details until they happen but you can write what will be said before and after. Mrs Tonner :o)

Music - lasts 10 - 15 seconds by Amber and Andrew.

(as music fades)Susan - Hi there and welcome to Radiohigh, the school radio that everyone wants to listen to. I am Susan.

Georgina - And I am Georgina and we are the djs of the show.

Susan - Today we have the latest news, views, sports and many other exciting things. (31)

Georgina - We are very proud to present you with RadioHigh's second podcast brought to you by The DJ Rappers which will contain everything you could possibly need to know about events and happenings within the High School of Dundee. Including, our exclusive interview with the one and only Richard Allen from () (Mr Allen - Radio Tay), (32)

Susan- but first the sports report from our Lovely Louise. (33)

Louise -(1 minute & 5 seconds) All our sports teams have got off to a great start this season, whether it be in training or in matches. The netball team have now been selected and they will be training each Wednesday evening with Miss Alexander while those selected for fun netball will be training with Miss Ramsay. The first match of the season was last week and it was against (St Matthews & St Lukes). Although the opposition played very well our team managed to win 15-0. Well Done! Netball is not the only school sport the primary girls have been playing though, they are also training hard at hockey. The hockey season started off well with extra practices scheduled for a Monday night at 4pm until 5pm and on a Saturday morning. All the girls would like to thank Mrs Goddard for the effort she has put in to make sure that they had lots of practices. Now on to the rugby. Our school rugby teams have also trainned hard to ensure good results in their games. Already the teams have beaten St Alowitious, Dollar, Robert Gordons and the F1 B team. Keep up the good work everybody and tune into next week's podcast to hear the latest results.

Music - (sports Jingle)

Gerogina - Thank you Louise. don't you think the netball did very well winning their first match?

Susan - sure did. Oh have you heard the joke of the week from Charles in L7?

G - noo - go on then

S - Why did the boy take a hammer to school

G - mmm - don't know

S - It was the day they broke up

G - argh - Now if you have a joke hand it to Mrs Tonner and she will give it to the DJS and maybe your joke will be on next week.

Susan - ,. Now have you ever found yourself wondering how to keep up with all the news from the co-curricular clubs. If you have then you're listening to the right show because Andrew and Amber are here with everything you would possibly want to know and more. (35)

Amber - There are lots of clubs to keep you busy during and after school time.

Andrew - You can learn how to cook, play chess or get rid of your energy by going to


Amber - Or you could reach for the sky by joining the trampoling or climbing club.

Andrew - Out on location you can hear what clubs you might like to go to


Susan - Wow what a lot of clubs and there are still many more. Did you know A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

Georgina - An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.
Now, for our class of the week (drumroll) L3H with their autumn poem.


Susan - Very well done to all of L3H you are stars. I loved how they added sound effects to their poem. I can't wait to hear who will be the next class of the week and what they have done.

Georgina - Yes that was great - well we have the latest news from Hassan and Robert.

Music - ( News Jingle)

Hassan - The headline news around the school is about The assemblies that have been going on for the past few weeks or so.The first class assembly was produced and directed by our very own teacher Mrs. Docherty. Her assembly was about honesty. The assembly was very good.The following week a Mrs. Davie production was released.Her assembly was about the " Victorian Times " and Doctor Who was travelling to it. The latest assembly was produced by Mrs Smith and it was about habits through the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - what a show. Now lets go out to the playground to find out what the pupils think of the clubs.

Robert - On to our starbadge winners. This week our schools star badge winners recieved their badges for trying very hard, being kind and considerate and producing good work. It could be you next week so keep trying your best. Thats all the news for now but keep listening to Radio High. -

Music - (News Jingle)

Susan - Now it's the nearly the moment you've all been waiting for the one and only interview with Richard Allen but first we will have the house quiz with the L1's.


Georgina - That was great L1's. Well done to (insert persons name here) you have just managed to get 50 house points for (insert house here). Now it's time for our interview with (Richard Allen) from Radio Tay.



Richard - I am Richard Allen from Radio Tay and you are listening to RadioHigh

RadioHigh jingle

Georgina - Wow we really put Richard Allen on the hotspot there. Now I bet your wondering when the Double As new song will be played. Well wonder no longer because here it is, Sweet by the Double As

Andrew and Amber - (song)

Susan - Sweet went in at number 2 in the charts. The Redheads are number 1 for the second show in a row.

Georgina - As you have heard there is always something exciting happening at the school.

Susan - Before we go if you would like to appear on RadioHigh then enter our competition. Design a logo for RadioHigh that we can place at the top of a page or on a card. The logo must have the words RadioHigh and a picture beside it. Hand your entries to an L7 or Mrs Tonner and the winner will be annouced on the next show. The closing date is the 3rd November. That is about all we have time for just now.

Georgina - Tune in to the next podcast which will be brought to you by the Red Hot Chilli Dj's. It is goodbye from her.

Susan - And goodbye from her.

Everyone - Goodbye.

Music - ( Radiohigh Jingle)