Show 2 - December 6th 2007

RadioHigh Jingle

Hello and welcome to this week's show
nic:yes that's right a whole new show with me DJ Nicki
liv: and me DJ Livi. But in the show we have the new the only
Nic: the all time christmas pressent!
Kat: Yes me DJ Kat
Nic: In this crazy show we have
Liv: the ultimate news
Kat: and hit pop music
Nic: even top sports reports
Nic/Liv/Kat: and THE INSPECTORS!
kat:but now for the news
radiohigh jingle

NEWS + on location

Jenna:Hello and welcome to the Radiohigh news.Let's see what's been going on in the school!

Findlay: Firstly the inspectors have finally arrived and are coming into classes and co-curricular activities this week.

Jenna: It is quite exciting having visitors to school to see all the exciting things we do. Let's go out on location and find out the pupils' views on having our school inspected.

Findlay: Well it sounds like everyone is excited to have the inspectors in aswell as all the exciting events happening in school this month. As Christmas is nearly upon us all the teachers are preparing the class Christmas parties.

Jenna:Also at Christmas time we are going to the thatre to see Jack and the Beanstalk. I'm sure you all can't wait to go!

Findaly:And finally one last announcment, Mrs Rose is doing a fantastic job at putting together the L1-3 Nativity play which we are all sure will be fantastic!

Jenna:Well that's all from us today on the Radiohigh news so let's go over to Rory and Ronan for the weekly sports update!


Kat: well done to all the teams that played this weak
Liv: yes that's right you did super
Nic: but now for some jokes
Kat/Liv: Ugggghhh!
Nic: but don't worry there not from me
Kat: Phew
Liv: And the're not from me
Kat: Yes
Nic/Liv/Kat: Let's just listen to the crackers of this week
Joke 1:Doctor, how do I stop my nose from running?!
Stick your foot out and trip it up!
Joke 2:Doctor, Doctor I think I need glasses
You certainly do, Sir, this is a fish and chip shop!
Joke 3:Doctor, Doctor I keep getting pains in the eye when I drink coffee.Have you tried taking the spoon out?!
cough laghter
Kat/Liv/Nic: Laughing
Kat: They were crackers
Nic: They sure were
Liv: I must subscribe those treatments some time-they sound like they do the trick
Kat: Right, now lets move on to those funky beats
nic: And jazzy music
Liv: From Angus, Riyah and Henry
Liv/Kat/Nic: It's (name of music)

DJS (facts)

Liv: That was rockin
Kat: And groovin
Nic: got nothin lets just move on to the facts....about the school!
Liv: But find your teddy
Kat: And your blanket
Liv/Kat: Cause this is pretty scary-ooooo
Kat: The High School of Dundee is the second oldest school in Scotland-we can trace our history back to 1239!
Liv: It is believed that WW was a pupil at the school in the thirteenth century. We can’t confirm it, because someone seems, very foolishly, to have thrown away the class registers for that period!
Nic: And did you know legendly that the ghost of Lindores still haunts the school especially in the dungeon and passageway leading the two schools to each other. It has been noticed that anyone who goes down never ever returns!
Nic: Kat, Liv where are you?
Kat: Is it over yet?
Nic: Yes you baby now where's Liv
Liv: Da da da da da I'm not listening da da da
Nic: OK it's over now
Kat/Liv: Phew
Nic: You two are a bunch of babies!
Kat/Liv: Are not
Liv: Ye we were just kidding
Kat: Ye
Nic:Right now the for one of the best part of radiohigh
Liv/Kat: The L2 quiz!
Kat: Now here we have the class of the week
Nic/Liv/Kat: L2W
CLASS OF THE WEEK are L2W who are the Scottish Voices Of The World this month. Each month a class is chosen to represent Scotland in Mrs Tonner's project - Voices Of The World. There are schools from all over the world invovled in this exciting project where the voice rather than text is used to commuicate. November's task was to sing sing Twinkle Twinkle in the school's own language. Out of all the schools that participated we have selected our very own L2W children and the children from Estonia to sing this well known nursery rhyme. Let's tune into Voices Of The World.

L2W - Estonia - VOTW
Liv: Wow I wish I could sing like that
Nic: Me too
Kat: And me
Liv: But now we have a
Nic: Sizzlin
Kat: Cracklin
Nic/Kat: JOKE
Liv: But unfortunately not as good as mine as this weeks is one Nicki's
Nic: Why did a footballer take a piece of rope onto the pitch ?
He was the skipper !
Kat: That was a good one-laughing
Nic: I know- laughing
Liv: Excuse me, Katie why are you laughing that's not remotely funny at all
Kat: Moving swiftly on
Nic: Time for an interview with
Nic: Well hopefully our school was spike and span
Liv: Clean and shean
Kat: And full marks
Liv: I'm afraid to say
Nic: It's goodbye from me
Kat: And it's goodbye from him
Liv: And it's time for one last joke from us

Nic: Ugghh - go on then
Kat/Liv: Why did the cow cross the road
Nic: I don't know why did the cow cross the road?
Kat/Liv: Cause it was the chickens day off! - Laugh
Nic: Goodbye


RadioHigh Jingle