Some points - not sure about the names you have given - just call yourselves your real names. I am rather worried that there is not a lot on this page when you are meant to be prepared for Monday lunch-time... Mrs Tonner

radiohigh theme tune
music fades as lucy begins to talk.

Lucy: Hi and welcome to this weeks show Im Dj Lucy:

fionnlagh: Im Dj Fionnlagh :

jamie: Im dj jamie

Fionnlagh: on todays show we have an exciting interveiw with two mistery guests

lucy: jakob with the sports update.

jacob: the news report with our very own tara.

jamie:the lovley Catrina singing my love is like a red red rose.

Fionnlagh: But just now we have a new entry into the radiohigh charts.


dj Lucy : And at number one in the charts we have sonica a totaly rocking song by Xtreme Power

Jamie:heres a joke for you, Doctor doctor my little boy has just swallowed a camera film
hmmmm let's hope nothing developes

Lucy: that was funny

Laughing sounds in the background

Saturday 10th of march D.H.S. girls hockey team played Robert Gordens and lost their game ,the score was 2 to 3.
The L6 netball team played Ancrum Road on the 15th and unluckily lost their match 2-1.
On March the 10th, the rugby teams played Stewarts Melvile away unfortunately the A team lost their game the, score was 12 to 10 and the B team lost 5 to 1. And on 16th of March a mixed team played Saint Columbas this team lost by an unfortunate 4 points, the score was 28 to 32. A day later another mixed team played Q.V.S. the score this time was 24-4 to D.H.S.

Dj Lucy

That was a shame that the rugby team and hockey team lost their matches hopefully they will win next time. I wonder who their next matches are agaginst and I hope that they win them.

Dj Jamie:

Yes I do wonder who they're playing next?

Dj Fionnlagh : now on to our news report with tara, take it away.


radiohigh jingle

dj lucy: Thank you very much on the update tara.
jakob: yes thank you very much tara

Now we have the lovely catronia singing her beautiful song My love is like a red red rose by Robert Burns.


fionnlagh: thank you for that great song.

Lucy: yes i agree it was lovely

jamie: now for our quiz with L6

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jamie: very well done to ....................... for winning the quiz you hav just gained alot of points for ....

Lucy: Now for some facts did you know...Boders eight countries in total including : Spain, Andora, Germany and Italy.

katie: did u know ..Mont Blanc, the highest mountain europe, is in the east of France..
Tara: Did you know that..Gauls lived in France from about 1,500 to 500 B.C.

Jakob: they were very interesting facts we had there I never knew that ...The history of Paris dates back to Roman times, as the Gauls and the Romans feuded for control of the area around Paris until Julius Caesar came to power in 53 B.C., and defeated the Gauls Tara: Area more than 210,000 square miles includes the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. lucy: Every summer more than 100 professional cyclists race in the Tour de France. The race is approximately 2,000 miles long. The race lasts up to three weeks. It is held in July. The route changes from year to year.
fionnlagh: Neither did I that was quite interesting.

fionnlagh: and now what you have all been waiting for the interview with the senoir rugby team.

Jamie: Well, it's goodbye from him.
Fionnlagh: goodbye from her.
Lucy: and goodbye from him
Everyone: goodbye

interveiwes:Your listening to radiohigh.
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